Rose Bakery

Posted by Paris Popcorn On 7:08 PM

I just discovered probably the friendliest cafe in Paris! This place called Rose Bakery is a great spot to enjoy a nice hot cuppa, a wholesome lunch, catch up on some work, read a book or even a great spot to meet new people! There is a cool welcoming vibe where most of the staff are English speakers and wear natural smiles - wait, are we really in Paris?! (...just kidding of course...). This is the regular and beloved spot for my dear new fellow South-African-Paris-based friend who I met there for the first time over a yummy hot chocolate. The tables as covered with paper table-cloths that serve as a canvas on which to scribble ones thoughts of the day - which I think is pretty cool, as after all, great thoughts come by with great cups of hot-anythings.... What I loved most about this place was that there was no sign on the door - but instead huge glass doors showing off a naturally bright, warm beige and silver, cave-like cafe - and everyone knows this is Rose Bakery! Apparently there is a RB in London and 2 in Paris. The one I visited was in the colorful Marais district found at 30 rue Debelleyme in the 3rd arondissment - nearest metros are Filles du Calvaire and Saint Sebastien Froissart (the other is located at 46 rue des Martyrs in the 9th). Might I add, it's also into organic products - which is a huge plus! And what's really nice too, is that their customers seem to be the loyal-make-myself-chez-moi type or the highflyers seeking a place to relax and just be!