Hotel Amour restaurant

Posted by Paris Popcorn On 3:23 PM

Apparently one doesn't come here for the food - one comes here to be 'seen'. Just my kind of place! I therefore decided this was the spot to hold my birthday lunch and invited a group of friends who merrily described it as 'a sex-in-the-city' luncheon. Hotel Amour is appropriately located in the steamy 9th aarondissement of Paris - in the Moulin Rouge area with one its creators being the man who practically owns the Parisian night-life scene, artist André. He also happens to be one of the founders of the famous club Le Baron and Paris-Paris. The other creators are Thierry Costes of the Costes family and Emmanuel Delaveine. So with such well-known names behind this joint, one can expect to see their celeb friends and famous DJ's wondering the premises.

Now back to the restaurant itself...
Its decoration has
a very cool simple feel with wooden vintage tables and chairs, plain walls with just a splash of red and back furniture. A bright red banquette graces one of the corners, and above which is an unpretentious shelf holding a small collection of books and a fully stocked bar waves hello from the opposite corner.

just outside is what makes this restaurant most desirable - a charming lush green patio/ courtyard which becomes very popular during the sunnier seasons for a breakfast, cocktail or just for a social scene.

The food was really good too! I highly recommend their Argentinian Entrecote with a
side of house special french-fries and a small salad, taken with a bottle of red wine (we ordered the Chateau La Claymore 2004, Lussac St Emilion - excellent!) and for dessert a dreamy chocolate fondant. Incidentally, the bread which they serve with your meal comes from the bakery found on the same road as the hotel which is Sarkozy's favorite and orders from there everyday. The menu is set at very reasonable prices too.

All in all, it was a very cool and relaxed birthday lunch, we left the restaurant slightly drunk, well fed and very happy! The hotel is located at 8 rue de Navarin in the 9th - nearest metro Pigalle, line 2.