Space Invaders

Posted by Paris Popcorn On 6:11 PM

Here is a very cool way to explore Paris - and by foot! A street artist named Invader has been "invading" Paris since 1998 by pasting characters inspired from the video game Space Invaders in strategic spots all over the city (apparently he has also done this in cities all over the world too such as LA, NY, Tokyo, London, Mombasa etc - but Paris, the city where he lives remains the most invaded!). These images resemble the little space ships and are made up of small coloured tiles. He then documents this as an "Invasion", with maps of where to find each invader - making for a great way to tour the city by following the map - kind of like a treasure hunt! Many people have missioned out to try find and photograph as many of these 'spaceships' as they can - loads of fun when you do find them! These weather-resistant and long-standing mosaics also depict characters from other video games from the 1970's and the locations are carefully chosen for their conceptual or strategic settings. One can find them in both very popular areas or very hidden ones too. So put on your comfy walking shoes, grab a bunch of friends and hunt for these creative works of art while taking in the city!