Le Paris Metro

Posted by Paris Popcorn On 3:32 PM

Paris Metro's first line came to life in July 1900, endearingly called 'Line 1'. This is my favorite (most central and one of the cleanest) metro lines in Paris which runs from the very west, La Défense to the very east, Château de Vincennes. While the Parisian metro system is a very good one in terms of frequency, there are also a number of metro stations that simply scream for you to get out and just admire them from one end of the platform to the next. Such is the line 1, and my very reason for favoring it over the others, where for example, one of its stations Louvre-Rivoli is made to look like an extension of the Louvre itself with art works and sculptures coating the magnificent marbled walls. Continuing along line 1 to the Bastille station, one can also admire the walls of this platform which were bedecked with tiled imagery in 1989 to celebrate the bicentenary of the French Revolution. Another station worth a cultural visit is line 13's Varenne showcasing exhibits from the Rodin Museum like an imitation of The Thinker. Keep in mind that there are plenty more stations that boast great works of art in murals, staircases, displays, etc (but definitely not all, so don’t get too excited!). Another thing to totally look out for is architect Hector Guimard's enchanting Art Nouveau entrances to the metro stations which grace the sidewalks with beautiful curvilinear floral motifs. Incidentally, Guimard is considered to be the most prominent representative of the French Art Nouveau movement at the turn of the 20th century. Now how is all that for the price of a €1,50 metro ride?