Private sales!

Posted by Paris Popcorn On 2:56 PM

So I recently discovered (and took part) in what is called Ventes Privees, or in English, Private Sales. To just hear about these sales you really have to be in the 'in' crowd so to speak or at the very least join their facebook groups (sometimes Google searches for them helps too). How these things work is simple- at the end of every season private outlets hold exclusive sales of elite clothing brands (sometimes as much as 75% off!!) and sell them to the public via private sales. These usually take place in a small outlet store that is packed with all the 'last season' goods and usually run for about 3 days until all stock is virtually sold out. Also, these outlets generally don't have change rooms, so expect to see people trying on clothes behind clothing rails! Be warned - one can't just arrive and hope to get it, one has to have registered to attend these sales (such as through facebook!) or be in possession of an invitation or have your name on the 'guest list'. If you've done all this, then arrive early because the waiting line can be long and only a limited number of people are allowed in the store at one time. Also be aware to expect the line to stretch far with many beautiful French woman all with one thing on their mind! So for those wanting to come to Paris for some exclusive shopping, yes this could be quite the production, but it's kinda worth it - especially if you are into buying from brand names such as Chloe. Expect to pay something around 600 Euros for a bag that was initially 1300 Euros - but at least you leave with the handbag you've always dreamed of (until the next season that is!) and can beautifully boast your Parisian purchase to friends and family back home ...